The challenge

The Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Companies - Sebrae, has the mission to promote competitiveness and sustainable development of micro and small companies, and Institutional Advisory Unit - UARI, aims to carry out the event management through planning, organization, implementation and evaluation results, and establish institutional relationships with target audience.

To do so, define corporate actions aimed at achieving strategic objectives of the institution, including process and innovation, which has as one of the themes expand institutional visibility and strengthen image of the Sebrae. These activities depend on a work process that is intended for effective mobilization of audience to participate in events and other corporate actions promoted by Sebrae.

One of the ways to accomplish this work is using an intelligent management system, and promote effective actions to narrow the relationship with audience, creates a corporate memory through history that contributes to creating future strategies, as the managers have real data and updated by the system.

We develop, we support and evolve institutional contacts management system in accordance with all raised functional needs. Today any institutional communication action taken by the National Sebrae is managed by our system.

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